Vinnie Maniscalco – Na na na na (Land of 1000 Dances Remix)

What or who are you going to say “Na” to today?!

“Throughout my life, I’ve said yes to EVERYTHING, which hasn’t always led me down the best path. Making this song, and practicing self-discipline has transformed me in so many ways. I hope you love the song and will say “Na” to something today. I am so honored to be a part of this project with Sony Music Publishing. Thank you so much for your continued support after all these years.”

Share this message of “Na” with somebody today. It’s so simple.

Na na na na (Land of 1000 Dances Remix) – Vinnie Maniscalco

Vinnie maniscalco bio

Vincent Maniscalco aka VINNIE (Denver, CO) is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to live performances and music production. His wildly popular remixes and legendary DJ sets have been known to welcome listeners’ to new trends far before they hit the shelves. Tracks like “Takillya” and “Bass Capital,” have established VINNIE as a common name in the dance music universe and have also shown his influence, dexterity, and diversity when it comes to music production. His stylistic and forward thinking productions have been influenced by his world travels & personal experiences over the last 14 years. After a 3 year long social media disconnection and intra-personal journey, his taste and swagger have never been so unique and re-invigorated. Vinnie’s fans eagerly await his forthcoming singles & remixes for Sony Music Publishing which are sure to consume dancefloors across the globe.